How to Change EFX to PDF

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

EFX is a special file extension for use with E-Fax, a popular service for sending and receiving fax transmissions through email without a fax machine. EFX files can only be opened with E-Fax Messenger. E-Fax Messenger allows you to convert EFX files into several different formats for easier compatibility, including PDF formats.


Open the EFX file with your E-Fax Messenger program. The file should automatically open with E-Fax Messenger; if it does not, make sure you have E-Fax Messenger installed on your computer.


Change your E-Fax Messenger program from "Viewing" mode to "Editing" mode, if it is not already in the correct mode. Change your mode by clicking "Mode" on the upper task bar.


Click "File" on the E-Fax Messenger task bar. Choose "Export File" and select "PDF" as the file output. Save the file in a convenient location, such as your desktop, for easy access.


  • check If you have E-Fax Messenger installed and have trouble opening it, try re-downloading and installing the program. See the resources below for the E-Fax Messenger download link.


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