How to Change Download Locations in a Mac OS

by Sophie Southern

If you’re on an Apple, and therefore the Mac OS X operating system, the default settings include a Downloads folder. When you download anything from the Internet through a Web browser OS X automatically saves it to this folder. This feature is convenient except when you want to use a different folder. If you want to change the download location or folder you need to do it in each Web browser that you use in Mac OS X.


Open Safari or your preferred Web browser on your Mac.


Click “Safari” or the name of the browser in the top menu bar. For example, if you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome click “Firefox” or “Chrome” in the top menu bar.


Click “Preferences.”


Click the “General” tab for Safari and Firefox. For Chrome click “Under the hood.”


Click the tab next to “Save downloaded files to” in Safari. In Firefox click the “Choose” button next to “Save Files To.” In Chrome click “Change” next to “Download Location.”


Click the new location to which you want to save downloads to select it in the pop-up window. Click “Select” for Safari and Chrome or “Open” for Firefox.


Close your Preferences window.


  • check If you use applications that download items from the Internet you can also change your download location in the application preferences.

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