How to Change the Data Path in Medisoft

by Joshua Phillips

Medisoft, a medical software program that keeps track of billing, patient records and other patient information, exists in medical settings from a small-town doctor's office to a big city hospital. This information is stored on a server within the office or hospital's network so all computers may access it. When this server needs to be upgraded or replaced, change your Medisoft data path so that all data recorded is saved on the new server.

Hold down the "F7" key on your keyboard.

Double-click the Medisoft software icon on your desktop while holding down the "F7" key. The message "Cannot connect to Data Path" pops up.

Enter the name of your new server in the field provided. Type "\\server\medidata" without the quotation marks and replace "server" with the name of your server. Contact your technical support staff if you are unsure of the new server's name.

Select "OK." Upon successfully connecting to the new server your Medisoft main menu loads.

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