How to Buy Music on Amazon

by Contributor

Amazon is one of the world's largest marketplaces for books, movies and music. Buying music on Amazon is a comprehensive experience, as buyers have a great deal of information available to them to make the purchasing decisions easier. Amazon offers the resources to not only make the decision on what to buy, but gives buyers different sources for the items.

Search for the music item you are interested in buying, or search for artists you are interested in. Search for the musical genre if you don't already have an artist in mind.

Look at the star rating given to the album you select. Choose an album with a good star rating, especially ones that have a large number of ratings. Read the ratings and determine what was good or bad about the album.

Go to the samples area and look at the tracks that have samples available. Listen to the samples to get a better idea of what the album is about.

Read the official reviews supplied by Amazon. Decide which album you want to buy.

Go to the purchase area to buy the album. Choose to buy it either from Amazon or from a third party seller with a lower price.

Choose a third party seller based on the seller's rating from other Amazon buyers. Look at their individual ratings and what condition the music itself is in. Choose the best one to buy based on the seller rating, price and condition. Use a credit or debit card to buy the music through the Amazon system.


  • close Avoid brand new third party sellers or sellers with very low ratings or risk not getting your music.

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