How to Burn a Windows XP Boot CD

by Herman Cruz

If you are using a Windows XP operating system and your computer malfunctions, becoming unusable, you may need to run a Windows XP boot install to restore the software and get your computer up and running properly again. When computers are initially purchased, most do not come with the Windows XP restore CD included. Luckily, this boot utility can be downloaded online at no charge. The Windows XP restore CD includes most software and files that are originally pre-programmed in PCs, making this CD helpful in rebuilding a computer's hard drive when booting it.


Visit the Microsoft "Windows Home Server Home Computer Restore CD" Web page (see Resources below) and click on the "Download" tab.


Click "Run" on the pop-up box to begin the installation process.


Wait for a file called "readme.txt" to pop-up on your screen. Once this file pops-up it means that the installation process has ended. The "readme.txt" file will offer the instructions to burn the CD. However, this task will require you to insert a blank CD-ROM in your CD drive and hit "Enter" on your keyboard when prompted. Once the burning process is finished, the Windows XP restore CD that will help you boot your computer will automatically be ejected from the CD tray.

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