How to Build a TV Stand

by R.L. Cultrona

Of all the furniture in your living room, a TV stand has several different uses. It holds the television, which is the usually focal point of any family room, acts as storage for any media-related equipment, and must blend in with the furniture you already have. If you are having trouble finding the right TV stand for your television, it is very easy to make one to your own specifications. By building your own stand, you can make sure it fits your needs exactly.


Place two pieces of the 30 by 30-inch plywood together and screw them together using several screws in the center of the boards.


Place two 23-3/4 by 30-inch pieces of 3/4-inch plywood standing up on two sides of the square and screw them in at the corners and along the sides. These will be the sides of your cabinet.


Place the 28-1/2 by 23-3/4 inch piece of 3/4-inch plywood standing up on the 30 by 30-inch rectangle and in between the two pieces in place. Make sure this piece is flush with one edge and screw it in along the bottom and to the sides. This will be the stand's rear.


Once the back is in place, measure 4 inches down at the center of the board and use the hole saw to drill a hole. This hole allows wires to pass through the stand.


Measure 9-inches down from the top of the side boards and make a mark. This mark will be the top of the shelf. Place the 28-1/2 by 29-1/4 inch piece of plywood at this mark and make sure it is level. Once level, screw it in on all sides.


Place your remaining piece of plywood on top of your sides and back and screw in on all sides. This is the top of your stand.


  • check This stand will work for smaller TVs. If you want to build a larger stand for a bigger TV, the steps are the same, but you will need to adjust the dimensions and use thicker wood to hold the weight.
  • check Once completed, you can use stain or paint to make the new stand match the furniture.


  • close Make sure you cut the hole for the wires before placing the shelf.

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