Brighthouse Cable Problems

by Whitney Houston

The Bright House network supplies phone, cable and Internet services to select areas in the United States. Once service is activated, you might experience trouble with the cable connection.

No Picture

Unscrew the coaxial cable from the Cable In terminal located on the back of the Bright House digital video recorder to reset the connection. Examine the cable for damage, such as cuts or dents. If the cord is damaged, replace it. Push the cable back onto the terminal and tighten the casing around the terminal.

No Signal

If the converter is moved from one signal outlet to another, the converter doesn't receive a signal. Only the cable outlet that was originally activated transmits a signal. Move the converter back to the original cable outlet.

No Sound or Picture

Unplug the power cord from the designated strip or wall outlet to reboot the converter. Allow 10 seconds to pass and plug the converter power cord back in. Wait for the time to appear on the display and turn the converter on. If none of these remedies work, contact Bright House customer service for additional help.

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