How to Boost a Digital Antenna Signal

by Michael Roennevig

Digital television signals provide a clearer and better-defined picture than traditional RF analog frequencies and deliver additional features, such as surround sound and additional text features. But the quality of your picture is largely dependent on the strength of the digital signal and the quality of the equipment you're using. You can take a number of steps to optimize the signal received through a digital antenna.

Re-scan your television channels. If you're getting a bad picture and suspect that your signal needs boosting, the best place to start is your receiver box or television. Run an automatic re-scan for available channels to make sure your channels are set to the strongest signal possible.

Check your hardware. Make sure all of your cabling is sound and properly connected at each interface. A loose connector can cause poor picture quality. If you're using old or cheap cabling, consider upgrading to a higher-quality alternative. The quality of the cable and connectors you use can greatly affect the signal you receive from your digital antenna.

Make sure your digital aerial is pointing toward the nearest transmitter. Move the aerial around to find a position that boosts the quality of your signal.

Buy a digital signal booster/amplifier. These units are connected between your digital antenna and set-top box or television and can make your digital signal up to 32 times more powerful.


  • check Consider installing additional signal boosters between units if you're running splitters between multiple televisions and receivers as this can impact signal quality.


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