How to Be Safe on the Internet

by Contributor

Kids and adults alike must take safety precautions when using the Internet. If you're not safe online, you make yourself vulnerable to an Internet predator. All computer users should keep some basic rules in mind to stay safe on the Internet.

Know the people that you talk to online. It's not a good idea to start chatting or messaging a person that you don't know. The person may lie about their identity and try to take advantage of your trusting nature. If you do talk, keep the relationship over the computer and do not arrange to meet.

Screen the emails that you open. Phishing scams are one of the most popular forms of Internet crime. Never open a suspicion looking email or click on any links found within the body of the email.

Buy from popular online sellers. You don't want to be scammed out of money while on the Internet. If you shop online, buy from reputable sellers like Amazon.

Set your online profiles to private. If you have a profile on a social networking website like MySpace or Facebook, change your account settings to private to prevent people you don't know looking at your profile.


  • check Remember to keep your spyware and anti-virus protection up to date.


  • close Never give out personal information to anyone that you don't know online. This includes full name, address, phone number, the school you attend or any other identifying information.

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