Basic Excel Training

by Jae Chapman

Having basic computer skills, including use of spreadsheet applications, is becoming increasingly important for employment opportunities. Microsoft Excel, a popular spreadsheet application that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite, represents 94 percent of the office productivity market share, as reported by the New York Times.

Basic Excel Skills

To be comfortable using Excel, you must know how to enter, organize, move and graph data in cells. You should also be familiar with creating and applying formulas to analyze data. Practice with sample data that comes with your Excel program.

Self-led Excel Training

You can gain basic Excel skills with self-directed courses online, with your Excel program, or from published guides to Excel. Working through the exercises rather than just reading the course can improve your skills.

Instructor-led Training

Having a knowledgeable instructor guide you through basic Excel training can be helpful. Instructors can answer questions, assist you when you get stuck, and provide specialized training on the basic Excel skills most applicable to your needs. Look for these programs at your local library or community college.

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