What Is Backdoor Graybird?

by Paul Cartmell

According to the Symantec website, a Backdoor.Graybird is a form of virus known as a backdoor trojan. The Backdoor.Graybird trojan gives an attacker the opportunity to access and gain control of a computer via an Internet connection.


Symantec reports Backdoor.Graybird was first released on April 2, 2003, with updated versions released regularly during subsequent years. Operating systems that have been affected by Backdoor.Graybird include Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows Me and Windows XP.

Backdoor Trojan

The Geeks to Go website explains that Backdoor.Graybird refers to a family of trojan viruses, any one of which can gain access to a computer when a seemingly harmless or important file is downloaded. Sometimes referred to as Remote Access Trojans (RAT), these programs gain control of a computer and open a backdoor into the system to allow an attacker to access the files of a computer.


According to the PC1 News website, Backdoor.Graybird programs allow an attacker access to information stored on a computer, including passwords and personal data. Backdoor.Graybirds often spread by accessing the email address book stored on a computer and sending spam emails to contacts.

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