How to Make a Baby Shower Invitation in Photoshop

by Chad Buleen

Making a nice invitation to a baby shower has become much more complicated (as well as much easier) in recent years. It is more complicated because there are all kinds of graphics and elements that can be included on the invitation. On the other hand, it is easier because there are programs like Photoshop that can assist a person in creating these invitations. Although a person looking how to make a baby shower invitation in Photoshop needs to have a basic understanding of Photoshop, she certainly does not need to be an expert.

Create a new file. This can be done by navigating in the toolbar to "File" and "New." The file should have certain specifications to make sure they can be duplicated and that four invitations can be placed on each page for printing later. In the width box, type 11 inches. In the height box, type 8.5 inches. The resolution should be 300 DPI. This will lend itself to a high-quality baby shower invitation in Photoshop.

Turn on the rulers to the page. Having rulers on the page can help a person creating a baby shower invitation in Photoshop to be able to make sure all of the elements on the page are properly aligned. The rulers can be turned on by going to the toolbar and navigating to "View" and "Show rulers". If the rulers are coming up in pixels, right click on top of the width and height rulers and select "inches."

Create guides. Guides are created by clicking and holding on the ruler and dragging down or over on to the page. Place the guides where text and images will start and end to make sure that the contents on the page are properly align. Draw a box around the guides that goes 4.25 inches in height and 5.5 inches wide by selecting the image box icon in the toolbar on the right.

Place images and text. It is best to start off the baby shower invitation in Photoshop with a title like "Julie's Baby Shower." To do so, click on the text box tool in the toolbar on the right side of the page. Move the cursor to the page and draw an outline of a rectangular box with the mouse. Then, type the words that belong in the box. Go to "text options" in the toolbar and choose the type and size of font to be used. About a 30-point, cursive-type font would be good to use.

Place the rest of the text on the left-hand side of the page. Create as many text boxes as are needed. However, each text box should use a font significantly smaller than the text included in the title. Keep all of the text on this side of the page the same color.

Add the image. For a small announcement such as this, it is best to use one dominant image. Create a picture box on the right side of the page that begins at the same height the text on the left sign begins at and ends where the left-side text ends at. Go to "File" and "Place" to place an image inside the picture box. The image can be chosen from the file where you have already saved a pre-selected image.

Select the arrow tool from the tool bar and click and hold as you cover all of the elements on the page. Press Ctrl+G to group all of these individual elements into one converged image. Then click on the image and press Ctrl+C to copy the complete image. Move the mouse to the bottom half of the page and press Ctrl+V to paste it. Repeat this process to fit as many invitations on one page as you can. Four should fit. Then print.


  • check Use shading and borders around the image box on the invitations to add a little extra pizazz to the baby shower invitations.


  • close Do not do too much. Because baby shower invitations are small, they can only effectively convey a certain amount of information. Using several small photos and a lot of small text on an invitation will only make the invitation look too busy. This will make the invitation hard to read.

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