Avast Vs. AVG Free

by Troy Dooly

Protecting a computer from malicious software is a never-ending task these days, which is why choosing the right anti-virus protection, based on your current Internet surfing style, is so important. Most anti-virus software acts as a second line of defense when it comes to Internet security. However, in some cases anti-virus software will detect malicious software, before it touches the computer hard drive. One of the following anti-virus solutions offers this type of advanced security protection.

Current Cybercrime Issues

Cybercrime organizations spread malicious software through every medium they can locate: emails, email attachments, peer-to-peer file sharing, instant messaging, images, software downloads, and pre-loaded flash drives and MP3 players. Today's cybercriminals create BotNets (a network of compromised computers they control) to spread malicious software from countries across the globe. By the time a breach is detected on an individual computer, the cybercriminals have closed down that cybercrime operation and moved on to a new location.

Avast Free Anti-Virus

Avast Free Home Addition is one of the most advanced free security solutions available. Avast not only provides anti-virus protection but also includes anti-spyware and built-in anti-rootkit protection. The Avast security solution provides active protection with the ability to detect malicious software upon the connection of a download, detaching from the infected server before the download takes effect, thereby protecting the computer from accidental infection. Avast receives top ratings year after year, by the most respected independent testing labs in the world.

AVG Free Anti-Virus

AVG free anti-virus addition includes advanced anti-spyware giving the computer user additional security not found in most free ant-virus solutions. The AVG security solution includes anti-rootkit security, to protect against security risks, with the intent to embed into the lower kernel level of the computer. The free AVG anti-virus solution, like Avast, has received the prestigious VB100 percent award for detecting every virus sent to penetrate the computer. AVG is defaulted to run in real-time protection mode, protecting the computer against potential cybercrime activities.

Which Anti-Virus for You?

Avast's Free Home Addition is used by more than 80 million users and with its advanced pre-download detection ability is best for those computer users who download files from P2P (Peer-2-Peer) websites. AVG free anti-virus will work perfect for those PC users who just check email, chat through instant messaging, and hang out on social-networking sites, but who do not on a regular basis download files from websites or from people they do not have close relationships with.

Expert Advice

Cybercriminals look for computers protected by free anti-virus solutions. Cybercriminals understand that if computer users are not willing to invest in the best security protection, then the chance of the computer user detecting a breach in security is low. Of the two free anti-virus solutions discussed in this article, Avast offers the most advanced protection. When using a free anti-virus solution, you should use a high-end firewall and a highly secured router with an additional built-in firewall.

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