How to Archive Word Documents

by Percila Jackson

Archiving is a way to bundle and compress computer files together for easier storage and transport. Archiving Microsoft Word documents is an efficient way to keep track of and transport many Word documents at one time which is useful when collaborating with others on projects. Programs that compress files and that can be used to archive Word documents are free to download from the Internet.

If using WinRAR, download the program from the WinRAR website. Open WinRAR and click on the "Wizard" icon at the top. Select "Create a new archive" and click "Next." Select the Word documents you wish to archive, then click "OK."

Type in what you want to call the archived Word documents under "Archive Name." Click the "Browse" button and select the destination folder you wish the archive to be placed in (or leave it alone and the archive will be placed in the "My Documents" folder), then click "Next." Select any additional options that you want for your archive such as creating a self-extracting archive or archiving or setting a password for the archive. Click "Finish" and a RAR archive of the selected Word documents will be created.

If using WinZip to archive Microsoft Word documents, download a free trial of WinZip from the WinZip website. Install WinZip on the computer and start the program. Click on the "Use Evaluation Version" button on the "Welcome" menu.

Click the "Wizard" button located on the toolbar at the top and click "Next." Select "Create a new Zip file" then click "Next." Type in the name you want to call the archive under "File Name" and click on "Browse" and select the directory you want the archive to be in, then click "Next."

Click on "Add Files" and select the Word documents you wish to be compressed into an archive. Click "Zip Now" and a ZIP archive of the Word documents will be created.


  • check Creating a self-extracting archive will allow someone who doesn't have WinZip or WinRAR to open the file.


  • close The free trial period for WinRAR lasts for 40 days.
  • close The free trial period for WinZip lasts for 45 days.

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