How to Find Antenna Directions

by Alfie Noakes

Bad reception while watching television can be irritating, but there is a good reason for it. Every TV station's content is transmitted by a tower; some are closeby and therefore offer an excellent signal, while others can be farther away, meaning your signal may not be as strong as it needs to be. Finding out where the towers are for a particular TV channel is a simple process though, and you can move your antenna accordingly.

Locating the best signal

Go to the Antenna Web home page. (See Resources.) The site caters to audiences who wish to find out where the best antenna strength is. This can work for satellite systems, analog televisions and high-definition TVs.

Click on the box halfway down the page that reads "Choose an antenna."

View the Web page that appears asking for your full street address, city, state and ZIP code details. It will also ask you if there are any tall structures such as buildings or trees within two miles of where you live. Finally, you will see a query about the height of your antenna. Enter the relevant details; if you feel uncomfortable putting in your home address, the system will accept your ZIP code only. Once done, press on the "Submit" button.

Watch as a map window appears giving a rough approximation of where you live, marked by a red icon. If you are happy with the positioning, press the "Continue" button; if you wish to adjust your location, scroll around the map using the arrows in the top-right corner until you find a location you are happy with. Then, double-click the location to mark it with the red icon and press the "Continue" button.

You will be presented with a list of channels and their details, including how far they are away from you in miles.


  • check You may wish to move your own antenna to align it better with a particular channel.


  • close If you are intending to move an external TV antenna, please exercise caution --- or call in a professional to make the move for you.

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