How to Air-brush Pictures With iPhoto

by Contributor

Re-touching photos allows you to remove any blemishes or imperfections from your pictures. Re-touching a photo smooths the colors of an image out, so that a blemish is covered by the color of the skin around it. A good re-touch can make any image look exactly like you want it to. Mac computers come with a photo editing program called iPhoto that allows you to easily re-touch any of your pictures.

Open iPhoto by clicking the icon located on your dock. The icon is a picture of a sunset with a camera in front of it.

Select the picture you wish to re-touch.

Click the "Edit" button located at the bottom of the window.

Click the "Re-touch" button at the bottom of the window. It looks like a paint brush.

Click on the blemish or imperfection you would like to smooth out. You can continue to click and drag the image multiple times to smooth the image out further.


  • check You can always undo any re-touches by clicking "Edit" then selecting "Undo" from the drop-down menu.