How to Add Pages to My Web Site Template

by Contributor

How to Add Pages to My Web Site Template. Templates make building web sites easier. This is a sure fact. And they are often less expensive than hiring a designer. One problem, however, comes up with most templates: they don't have enough links on them to include all of the pages needed. Adding pages to templates is not terribly difficult even for a beginner, but you will need to make a few adjustments.

To add pages to a template menu using I-frames, you should first understand the concept of frames. With frame construction, the index page calls only a portion of a page to see "additional content" (that is, the frame). If you want to add a page to the menu bar along the top or side of your frame template, follow these simple steps.


Open your template in your site editor.


Locate the table holding the menu.


Make note of the width or height of the table--width if the menu is horizontal and height if the menu is vertical. If the original table is 300px wide or tall, you will need to adjust the cells within the table to total that number with the new addition.


Within the existing table, you will need to add a cell to accommodate your new page, then adjust all of the cells to be the appropriate size.


Open an existing frame within the template. From the menu bar, choose "Save As" and navigate to the file where your template is saved.


Choose the frame number for your new frame, and choose "Save".


Revert to your index and highlight your new cell in the navigation table, then program it to be a link, with the new frame number as the link name and the target being content. An example of this is as follows: .


Close the command cell.


With an html template, the only difference is the command line. It will read: .


An alternative method to add a page is to include it simply as a text link within the context of the document. To add a text link: 1. Choose the text to serve as the link.


In your text editor, immediately prior to the text, simply type in the appropriate command line as above, based on whether your template uses frames or html pages.


Immediately following the text, close the command with the syntax.