How to Add a New Template to Mac OS X Pages

by John Ford

Adding a template to Apple’s iWork Pages application gives you a great way to customize your documents and in turn saves you a lot of time accessing documents you frequently use. Apple places the templates directory for Pages deep in your system files directory on your Mac. Finding the directory isn’t the most intuitive thing you’ve done on your Mac, but once you know where the directory is, it’s a snap to add a new template.

Go to your user home directory in a Finder window.

Directory path to the Pages Template folder

Drill through the following directories to find the Pages template directory: User Home/Library/Application Support/iWork/pages/templates/My Templates/.

Pages Template File

Find the “New Templates” directory and drag and drop your Pages Template file to the directory.

Template chooser window

Select in the menu bar "File/New" from Template Chooser, which will bring up a window with all of the templates in your My Templates directory.

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