How to Add a Border in Lightroom

by Christopher Kennedy

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a photographer-oriented image editing program that allows users to process digital RAW and JPEG files. A user can edit photos, organize entire photo libraries, print photo packages, create slideshows, share photos through social networking sites and upload custom web galleries to personal webpages. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom also has extensive support for third-party plug-ins, making it an all-in-one solution for editing photos and creating virtually any effects, including photo borders.


Open Adobe Lightroom and click on the "Develop" Module link at the top of the window pane.


Select the image you want to add the border to.


Click the "Effects" heading in the right window pane.


Set the "Style" drop-down menu to "Highlight Priority."


Adjust the "Amount" slider to determine whether you want the border to be white or black. Set the "Midpoint" slider to "0" to create your border. If you want your border to be smaller, readjust the "Midpoint" slider until it becomes the size you desire.


Adjust the "Roundness" slider to determine how round the inner edges of your border are. Lastly, set the "Feather" slider to "0." If you want the inner edges of the border to smoothly fade in, adjust the "Feather" slider to a desired amount.

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