How to Activate Free Trials

by Maeri Claire

A free trial is a period typically ranging from one week to one month during which an interested user can test drive a piece of computer software or an online service without paying for it. Always read the fine print to find out the length of the free trial. Free trials for software and online subscriptions require activation before access is allowed. Requirements for activation vary from trial to trial but do hold some commonalities.

Fill out all required registration information such as name, address and email address. Upon completion, for software activations, a link will likely be automatically sent via email or accessed immediately on the next page. A user name and password will be issued for online subscriptions and likely sent via email.

Provide credit card information, if required. The credit card will usually be charged the usage fee at the end of the trial period if the trial is not canceled. Read all of the rules regarding the fees and cancel the trial before time runs out if you do not plan to continue on with the subscription or software.

Install any required software upon receiving the link for it through email, on the website or even through standard mail. The software will walk you through the complete installation, step by step.

Use the software or the service for the length of the trial to determine whether it is suitable for you. You may be required to log in each time you access the software or online subscription. Use the login information provided by the company for which the trial is made available. For software that does not require a login, simply click on the icon found on your computer desktop or through the Programs menu of your computer.


  • close Never stop a software installation while it is in process, as it can cause errors on a computer.

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