How to Activate a Built in Camera

by Tom Lutzenberger

A built-in camera either in a computer or a cell phone can be confusing to activate at first. However, once the steps are understood, a user can activate the feature very easily.

Computer Feature

Turn on the computer and let the operating system load itself. Click on the start feature or the menu activation to see features. Go to your program choices. Find accessories or a choice that specifies the video camera. Choose it.

Allow the software to load itself after selection. Look for a program screen that basically reflects what the camera should be seeing: you. Position the computer panel so that the image position sits correctly and frames your face correctly.

Select your computer microphone software. Insert your microphone hardware into the computer and allow the computer to find it. Initiate the computer software for the microphone activity. Test the microphone to confirm it registers voice. Test the computer's ability to record your image while talking. Use the computer video as desired.

Cell Phone Feature

Turn on your cell phone and wait until the main menu displays. Select the option that has a symbol that looks either like a camera or triggers access to your pictures (phone models vary). Select the option and wait for the phone program to initiate.

Look for the camera display on the face of your phone. Note the camera lens on the opposite side of the phone taking in the image it is pointed at. Select an object to photograph and point the camera lens at it. Press the center selection button of your phone until it registers selection.

Look for the photo taken by the phone. Choose whether to save the photo or delete it. Continue practicing with the camera feature until comfortable. Select menu and choose the close option to close the phone camera feature.


  • check Phone and computer cameras work best with good lighting. If the lighting is poor, the image production will look delayed as the computer or phone tries to process the data feed.


  • close Be careful not to use the computer or phone camera in a live connection to the Internet if you want to keep your images private.

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