120MHz Vs. 240MHz for a Samsung 55-Inch LED

by Elizabeth Falwell

Electronics manufacturer Samsung offers 12 different 55-inch television sets that rely on LED technology. Actually, the 55-inch label is a misnomer; Samsung's 55-inch family of sets actually measure 54.6 inches diagonally rather than a full 55 inches. These 12 televisions on the market at time of publication have different refresh rates, which are measured in megahertz, abbreviated MHz.

What Is Refresh Rate?

A television's refresh rate has to do with how many frames you see per second of video. The standard refresh rate for televisions has always been 60; this means you see 60 frames per second. The higher the refresh rate, the more frames you'll see every second; a TV with a 120 refresh rate has 120 frames per second, while a 240 refresh rate gives you 240 frames.

Refresh Rates: Fact vs Fiction

Higher refresh rates became popular in order to correct the ghosting effect seen on many LCD and plasma televisions, but don't always deliver the desired result. Most TV and movie studios still shoot at 60 frames per second, while many Blu-Ray and DVD players on the market only play video at 60 frames per second; thus, a television with a 120 or 240 refresh rate must use mathematical formulas to create the extra frames, which can lead to video that looks perfect to a fault -- even fake.

Samsung's Refresh Rate: Clear Motion Rate

Samsung doesn't use the industry term refresh rate to quantify the number of frames you see every second on one of its television sets. Instead, the manufacturer coined the term "Clear Motion Rate" instead. This term does not use hertz or megahertz as a quantifying unit; rather, the number -- which ranges from 240 to 960, depending on which model you're looking at -- stands on its own. As of October 2011, Samsung sells three 55-inch sets with a clear motion rate of 240, meaning you get 240 frames per second. These models are the LED 6300 Series Smart TV, 6050 Series with 1080p LED HDTV and LED 6000 Series Smart TV.

Older Models, Lower Refresh Rates

Although Samsung no longer manufacturers or actively markets or sells 55-inch LED televisions with a clear motion rate lower than 240, it did in the past; you can still find these sets for sale through third-party retailers like Amazon. Samsung's 120Hz models include the UN55B7000 and UN55B6000.

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