How to Use Wingdings on Web Pages

by Nick Holden

The "Wingdings" font can be useful on your website. Though it contains many seemingly useless characters, some symbols--such as the "open folder," the "mailbox," and the "thumbs up"--could provide additional information to your website's visitors. Additionally, you can use the font without forcing visitors to download large images because it is preloaded on most computers.

Open your word processor. Set the font to Wingdings. Find the symbol that you would like to incorporate into your website. Highlight the symbol, and change the font to a standard one (Times New Roman, Arial, etc...) to verify which character corresponds with the symbol that you would like to use.

Load your webpage in notepad. Locate the spot in your web page where you would like to use the Wingdings symbol.

Insert the tag "<font face="Wingdings">". Type the character that corresponds to the Wingdings symbol that you would like to incorporate.

Insert the tag "</font>". Save your webpage.

Load your web page in your Internet browser. Verify that the correct Wingdings symbol appears in the appropriate spot.


  • close On machines without the Wingdings font, particularly older models and mobile devices, your Wingdings symbol will appear as its corresponding character in plain text.


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