How to Find Lost Computer Files

by eHow Contributor

Have you saved a file to your computer and now getting frustrated because you can't seem to remember where you saved it? Don't worry, Windows has you covered. Within a few clicks you'll be happily reunited with your file once again.

Click the Start button on your taskbar.

Click 'Search' (or in older versions, 'Find').

Select 'All Files and Folders' from the next pop up window.

Type in at least part of the file name in the box.

Select the drive where you think the file may be. This could be in a folder or perhaps even the entire C: drive.

Click Search.

A window will come up that will show you the progress as it is searching. Several files may come up in this window.

When you see the file you're looking for, you can double click it to open.


  • check Note the file path so you can remember where you put it next time.
  • check Create a desktop shortcut for it if you fear losing it again.

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