How to Design Your Own Hello My Name Is Stickers

by Krystal Wascher

Name tag stickers are frequently used at networking events, seminars, parties and other casual occasions where groups of people who do not know one another gather for a common purpose. Most people are not good at remembering a person’s name after hearing it only one time. Name tag stickers give new acquaintances a visual image of your name, as well as the correct spelling, which increases the chances of long-term name retention. Creating your own “Hello My Name Is…” name tags for an event is a fun way to personalize an otherwise bland staple of modern networking events. A fun name tag design can also be used as an ice breaker between strangers.

Purchase name tag labels from a local or online office supply store. Purchase labels that will work in your printer. Some are made specifically to work with inkjet printers, while others are best suited for laser printers. Take note of the manufacturer or brand name of the labels, as well as the size.

Open the Microsoft Word application on your computer. Click on the “File” option on the tool bar at the top left side of your page. Select the “Project Gallery” option from the drop-down menu. This will take you to a list of available project templates and options. Select the “Labels” option. A new window will open that lists specific label product brands, numbers and sizes. Select the “Options” button and search for the label manufacturer and number code. The number code for most label products is located on the top right side of the packaging as well as on the bottom of the label sheets. If you cannot locate your labels on this list, click on the “New Label” option. Type in your label size and click “OK.”

Select your text size, font and color by clicking the “Font” option to the right of the open text box. Place your cursor in the open text box by placing your arrow in the box and clicking your mouse one time. Type the words “Hello! My Name Is…” at the top of the text box. If you would like to insert a name at this time, skip a few lines and type your name. Choose the number of identical name tags you would like to create and click on the “OK” option. This will open a new Word document containing the number of labels that you selected.

Add additional designs, images and borders to your name tags. Click on the tag you wish to customize. To add images you have created in another program or have saved to a file from another source, select the “Insert” option from the tool bar located at the top of the page. Select “From File…” from the drop-down menu. This action will open a new window containing the file library for your computer. Select the file that you wish to upload and click “Done.” The image should appear on your name tag. You can move images by clicking on the image, holding down the mouse button and dragging the image to a desired location. Add clip art by following the same initial procedure for file images, but rather than choosing the “From File…” option, select the “Clip Art” option. A window will open with hundreds of clip art image options. Click on an image to select it. Add borders by choosing the “Format” option on your tool bar. Select “Borders and Shading” from the drop-down menu. Select a border from the available options. Choose the border width and color. Click “OK” once you have made your final selections.

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