What Is LexisNexis?

by Dan Stone

LexisNexis can be the difference between supporting information with abstracts or blanket statements like "studies show" and citing the original research or documentation. LexisNexis is a sprawling information database, aggregating documents and news from tens of thousands of sources. The name LexisNexis is actually a portmanteau: the business name comes from the combination of the Lexis and Nexis services. LexisNexis is not a free service but requires a paid subscription.

LexisNexis Academic

The LexisNexis Academic and Scholastic databases are the company's service that most people encounter because of its wide-range of applications. College and secondary school students may encounter the LexisNexis Academic and Scholastic systems respectively when working on research papers. According to LexisNexis, the Academic and similar platforms are "A web-based research service tailored for the academic market, delivering fast access to thousands of credible sources." The service includes access to news, business and legal sources on top of 15,000 international newspapers dating to 1977. LexisNexis also offers a similar Library Express service for public access via libraries.

Lexis Legal

Sifting through legal documents and case records is often an arduous task; the Lexis Advance service is designed to make the process faster and easier. The Lexis part of the name refers specifically to the company's legal services and traces its origins to the late 1960s when it collected legal publications from companies dating back to the 1800s. This data is critical for lawyers and judges who rely on legal precedence, or previous court rulings, to build cases and decide how to rule a case. Lexis Advance includes documentation and records from more than 60,000 attorney-examined news, business and public records sources.

Nexis Business

The Nexis part of the name specifically refers to the company's business resources and tools. The Nexis service in particular is a strategic news and business research database with articles and content from 35,000 publications. The service is designed for fast and easy research to give a business a competitive edge. In addition to research, the Nexis database is helpful for businesses monitoring press coverage; instead of reading every newspaper and magazine, a business just needs to run a self-search through the platform.

Other Services

LexisNexis offers business tools and services outside of databases. Since 2011, LexisNexis Risk Solutions has operated HPCC Systems, an open-source data analysis platform. The company also offers a LexisNexis Analytics service for examining consumer trends, a patent record system called TotalPatent and a money laundering screening tool called Bridger Insight. The company's Lexis Affinity platform is a single-application, single-database practice management and business system. Affinity is designed with legal office operations in mind.

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