How to Unblock an IP for Webmin

By Alexandra Bee

Updated September 28, 2017

Unblocking an IP address will give that person full access to your website again.
i Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images

Webmin allows users to manage various components online and on one’s computer when using the Unix operating system. With Webmin, users have the ability to block Web access from specific IP addresses and users — removing any and all access to any content on the owned website. Both blocking and unblocking IP addresses in Webmin is simple and does not require extensive coding skills or time.

Open your computer's Internet browser and log in to your website's host to edit your site's files. Alternatively, connect to your website using a free FTP program from your computer's own desktop, such as Core FTP ( or FileZilla (

Access the folder "etc/webmin/" and right-click to open the file "miniserv.conf" to edit the IP address banned from the website.

Scroll to "Deny" and remove any IP addresses that you would like to unblock from viewing the website.

Save the file and allow it to re-upload to your website's servers, overriding the file with the blocked IP addresses. The IP addresses you removed will now have the ability to access and browse your website without restriction.