How to Write a Proxy Vote

By J. Johnson

Updated January 09, 2018

A proxy vote might be used at a board meeting.
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Nonprofit organizations and other institutions or corporations that have regular meetings may have a voting procedure in place. For example, many committees typically vote on things like scheduling activities or budget concerns. If you are a part of such an entity, then you will be involved in the voting process. However, if you can’t make it to the meeting when the vote will take place, you may be able to use a proxy vote. Proxy voting is when you give written authorization for a third party to vote on your behalf. This authorization needs to be written and signed by you.

Read through your institution, organization or corporation’s bylaws to make sure proxy voting is allowed and to check for any specific requirements. Certain phrases or sections may need to be included in your proxy vote. If there are no specific instructions, there are general guidelines for writing a proxy vote.

Include your name, title and address in the proxy vote. This should be the first piece of information included. You would write something like “I, the treasurer of the committee, John Smith, of 123 Maple Avenue…”

Include the name and address of your proxy. This is the person that will vote on your behalf. Adding to the example above, you might write “I, the treasurer of the committee, John Smith, of 123 Maple Avenue officially appoint Jane Smith as my proxy.”

Add information about the specific meeting where your proxy will vote on your behalf. After the first sentence, you might include something like “I give my proxy the authority to vote on my behalf at the committee meeting to be held on Jan. 2, 2011.”

Write out how you want your proxy to vote for you. This is important for the other members to see, as well as to help guide your proxy to ensure no mistakes are made. Type the name of the motion to be voted on, such as “Proposition 12,” and whether you are for or against the motion.

Type your full legal name at the end of the proxy vote. Include your signature underneath your name, as well as the date you signed the proxy vote. Your signature is necessary to make the proxy vote official.