How to Cancel Migration Assistant

By Shereen Skola

Updated September 28, 2017

Cancel the program if Migration Assistant freezes.
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Migration Assistant is a program used to transfer files and information from one Mac to another. It's often used when you upgrade to a new model. You can transfer your information with Migration Assistant using FireWire, Ethernet, wireless network or a backup disk. Sometimes, when a large volume of information is being transferred over a wireless network, Migration Assistant can freeze, or it can take longer than you want to wait. Though canceling the program during a transfer isn't recommended, it can be done in two simple steps.

Hold the "Command" key and type "Q" on the new Mac for five seconds until the program quits.

Hold the "Command" key and type "Q" on the old Mac for five seconds until the program quits on the old computer.

Press the power key and hold for five to 10 seconds on both computers to power down.

Turn the power on both computers to begin the Migration Assistant program a second time.


USB or Ethernet connections are the most successful ways to use Migration Assistant. Using a wireless connection is the least reliable method.


Canceling Migration Assistant during the transfer process can result in a loss of data. Be sure to back up your information using Time Machine or another method before you begin any transfer.