How to Connect a Computer Wirelessly to a Router

by David Sandoval

Computer networks are not limited to hardwired connections. Many computer networks utilize wireless networking, which allows computer systems with special radio frequency adapters to connect to the network.

Many home computer networks utilize a device called a wireless router. These devices are capable of allowing several computers to wirelessly connect to the computer network. Each computer communicates with the router, which acts as a wireless gateway to the computer network.

Turn on the computer. If you are using a computer running Windows XP, right-click "My Network Places." Right-click the "Wireless Network Connection" icon.

If you are using Windows Vista, right-click the "Network" icon, and select "Properties." Select "Connect to a network."

If you are using Windows 7, click the "Network and Sharing Center" icon on the task bar, and select "Connect to a network."

Select the SSID (router name) of the wireless network you wish to connect to, and click "Connect."

Enter the network password (WEP or WPA key) into the "network key" field, and click "OK." Windows will notify you when the computer establishes a connection with the router.

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