What Is Freehand SQL?

By Ann LaPan

Updated January 09, 2018

Data is manipulated by free hand SQL.
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Structured Query Language, abbreviated SQL and pronounced like the word “sequel,” is a standardized language used by many mainframe companies to create answers to relational questions derived from data within databases and tables. Freehand SQL is not a structured software program.


Freehand SQL is a tool that is used to create the results that are not unlike those of a SQL query but are derived without the use of the SQL-based, executable statement software package. Freehand SQL does, however, require the database manager to take certain steps to produce results

Reasons for Using Freehand SQL

Most SQL users enjoy the expediency of SQL reporting, but by using freehand SQL an analyst can sometimes retrieve information that a basic query may not be able to return.


Within Crystal Reports, for example, parameters are imported into a blank report through the Database Expert function and then manipulated and labeled by the user.