How to View & Identify Network Devices

By Contributor

Updated May 09, 2020

Windows can automatically scan your network for network devices and computers and display them. Windows detects a variety of devices, including printers, routers and other computers on the network. Windows displays these devices in a window, sorted by their device type. You can view more information about a device from its properties window, allowing you to identify each one. Windows displays computers by their computer name and other devices by their manufacturer and device name.

Click “Start” and select the “Settings" icon, which looks like a gear in new versions of Windows.

Start menu and Settings in Windows.

Click “Network and Internet” in the Control Panel window. Here, you can view your current and available network connections, including Wi-Fi, ethernet, and dial-up.

Network and Internet settings in Windows.

Returning to the Windows Settings window, click "Devices."

Devices settings in Windows.

View the types of network devices that appear on the left. These include Bluetooth and other devices, printers and scanners and keyboards.

Types of network devices in Windows.


You can perform actions with network devices from their right-click menu. For example, right-click a network printer and click “Install” to install it on your system, right-click a router and click “View Device Webpage” to view its configuration page or right-click a computer and click “Open” to browse the computer’s shared files.