How to Use Your Magicjack in a Country Where It is Blocked

by Contributor

In some countries, VOIP services such as MagicJack is blocked and cannot be used. In most of these cases, the country runs the ISP and telephone services and do not want to lose revenue, and therefore, they block all VOIP services. Follow these steps to work around the block.

Blocking VOIP has been a known issue in several third world countries as well as the Middle East where internet restrictions are much greater. People have also noted issues in the Caribbean where they have vacationed, and the Telephone company is the only supplier of the country's Internet.

Download Hotspot Shield at This software will allow you to setup a free VPN to tunnel your VOIP service through.

Install Hotspot Shield and then run the application.

Start your VOIP client such as MagicJack. You should now see it connecting where previously it would not connect. Enjoy your free phone calls as you normally would.


  • check Ensure you run the Hotspot Shield application prior to running your VOIP software.


  • close There is no guarantee this will work, but I have had success in two countries where VOIP is blocked.