How to Turn a Webcam into a Security Camera

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Most people these days keep their computers on and simply let the screen saver come on after a while. Because of this, people have often wondered whether they could use their webcam as more than just a webcam---perhaps as a security camera that keeps recordings of the room that the computer is in? Or, instead of the room with the computer, perhaps another room, such as the living room when you have a baby sitter. This is really quite easy.

Turning the Webcam into a Security Camera


Install the wireless webcam onto your computer and ensure that all the drivers are in place. Without the drivers working, the webcam won't work. Make sure that the webcam you have purchased is compatible with the operating system on your computer. If you're running an older computer, the new webcams may not be able to work on them.


Install the software of choice for turning your webcam into a security camera. Make sure that it is stored away in its own folder to prevent the computer from getting cluttered down if you ever decide to remove it. By giving it its own folder, it keeps the files all together.


Turn the software on. Now that the software is on, you have the ability to decide what sort of system you want. Depending on the webcam you bought, you can set it up so that the camera turns on when there is motion, or you can have it constantly recording. It is important that you make sure that the software records what the camera sees rather than just observing it. Recording it will make a file and copy it to your hard drive.


Take the wireless camera and put it in an inconspicuous place. You don't want to cover the lens of the camera, but at the same time, if you're trying to keep it hidden so someone doesn't see it, it needs to be inconspicuous. The best way to hide it is to put it on an angle. For example, putting it behind a book, but aiming diagonal to the book. This way, it is hidden from most views, but you still get information.


  • check While you might want to create a multicamera system, if your computer can only handle one webcam, it won't work. Setting up a second computer might be necessary.
  • check The quality of the webcam isn't the most important aspect of this procedure, but the better the quality, the more detail.

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