How to Tap Into Wireless Internet in Your Area

by Jay Darrington

Wireless internet allows anyone with a laptop to connect to the Internet without the need of an ethernet cable or a telephone line. There may be several places in your area that serve as wireless hotspots. These hotspots are wireless Internet access points that anyone can use. Finding these hotspots is easy to do.

Use a Wireless hotspot directory, such as jWire (see Resources), to locate a wireless hotspot in your area. Provide your ZIP code to find a list of wireless access points in your area.

Go to nearby places, such as coffeehouses and libraries, and find shops that offer wireless internet access to their customers.

Use your laptop's built-in wireless scanner to find other Wireless networks in your area. Sometimes a business you might not expect to have Wireless Internet, such as a supermarket or a post office, might offer Internet access.


  • check Hotels and universities and colleges may also offer Internet access.


  • close Note that most hotspots for shops and coffeehouses are password-protected and employees will not give you the password unless you purchase something.
  • close Only connect to wireless Internet points that you have permission to use.

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