How to Tap Into Wireless Anywhere

by Percila Jackson

Wireless, or Wi-Fi, is the use of IEEE 802.11 wireless technology to access the Internet. Many portable devices have wireless technology built inside, or it can be added by plugging in a Wi-Fi adapter. You can tap into wireless Internet at Wi-Fi hot spots where 802.11 wireless technology both exists and can be used by consumers.


Use a wireless USB modem. Wireless USB modems allow users to access wireless Internet on a laptop or computer anywhere in your carrier's coverage zone. Wireless USB sticks are sold by many cellphone carriers. To use the sticks, connect the wireless USB modem into the USB port of a Wi-Fi capable laptop or computer and follow the carrier's instructions on how to set up and use the wireless USB.


Bring a Wi-Fi-capable laptop, PDA, or smart phone to a Wi-Fi hot spot. Places that offer wireless access for free or for a small fee include major coffee shops, libraries, airports, certain fast food restaurants, college campuses, malls and bookstores (see Resources).


Use smart phone tethering. Connect a smart phone to a laptop or computer and use the smart phone as a wireless modem. Most cellphone carriers support tethering or offer tethering for a small fee. Ask your cellphone carrier if it supports tethering and for instructions on how to tether your smart phone model. Each cellphone carrier has different instructions on how to tether.

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