How to Stop ISP From Dropping Internet Connection

by Greyson Ferguson

At home, you probably connect to the Internet through a subscription with an ISP (Internet Service Provider). However, even if you pay all of your bills on time, you may experience an occasional drop in your Internet connection. Usually this drop is caused by a connection glitch by your computer and it can be easily corrected. If it is the ISP's fault, it is up to them to correct the issue.

Click "Start" and then "Control Panel." This opens the Control Panel window.

Open "Internet Options." Click on the "Connections" tab, click on your ISP provider in the window and click "Apply." Do note, not all ISP connections are always listed, including DSL and cable Internet access.

Turn off you Wireless Internet if your computer has the option. If you use a wired connection, the wireless Internet may be interfering with it and causing it to drop out.

Keep your wireless laptop near your wireless router. If you are not near the wireless router you may have a weak signal and occasionally drop the connection.

Contact your ISP if you are following all of these steps and are still having trouble with dropped connections. This is due to the problems on their side of the connection, and they can work to correct them.

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