How to Remove Hard Drives to Recycle Computers

by Timothy Baron

Your hard drive contains all that data you've stored on your computer. Not only does this include your operating system but also the documents, music, pictures and other information you've saved onto your computer. If you plan to recycle your computer but want to keep your data, you can do so by removing your hard drive before you send the rest of the computer away for processing. Then, when you have your new computer, you can install it and have immediate access to all your old files.

Turn off your computer and unplug it from the wall. Open the side panel of your computer.

A hard drive

Locate your hard drive. There might be more than one, so if you want to keep all your data, you'll need to remove all of them.

Unscrew it from its casing.

Unplug the power and data cables.

Remove your hard drive from your computer. Store it in an antishock bag to avoid data loss and corruption.

Reattach your computer's side panel and send it away for recycling.

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