How to Reinstall the Net Logon Service for Windows XP

by Chris Hoffman

Windows XP's Net Logon service passes account authentication to a centralized logon server on the domain, if it's enabled. Instead of users authenticating on the local computer, they authenticate against a centralized network server. The Net Logon service is part of the Client for Microsoft Networks network component. If you remove the Client for Microsoft Networks component, Windows also removes the Net Logon service. You can reinstall the Net Logon service if it's been removed by reinstalling Client for Microsoft Networks.


Click "Start" and "Control Panel."


Click "Network and Internet Connections."


Click the "Network Connections" icon.


Right-click the name of your network connection and click "Properties."


Click the "Install" button.


Click "Client" in the list and click "Add."


Click "Client for Microsoft Networks" and click "OK."


Click "Yes" to restart your computer when prompted.


  • check If you want to uninstall and then reinstall the Net Logon service, uninstall it first by clicking "Client for Microsoft Networks" in the properties window and clicking "Uninstall."

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