How to Recover Missing Music Files

by Andrea Griffith

Many people use their computers to download hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of songs. When the songs are successfully downloaded, they are automatically uploaded and saved to your media player. Should you delete a song from your media player library it will disappear but only from the library. The song will not have been completely deleted from your computer, allowing you to restore it.

Click on "Start" at the bottom of your desktop.

Click on "All Programs" to access your computer's programs and software.

Click on "Accessories" from the Programs menu.

Click on "Disk Cleanup." This opens the application to restore or delete anything viewed or downloaded onto your computer.

Click on "My Files" or the "(C:)" file from the drop box. If your computer as more than one user, you may want to select "All Files."

Click on "Temporary Internet Files and Downloaded Files." Then click "View Files." Although it's called "temporary," the files are not quite what the title suggests. Your computer will hold and store anything uploaded, downloaded or viewed from the Internet until you manually delete them from the Disk Cleanup (even after "emptying your trash" nothing is permanently deleted).

Click on every file under the Temporary Internet Files. From there you will be able to find, view and restore the songs. Click on each song file you wish to restore back to you Media Player, then click "Restore."

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