How to Make a CD-ROM Play DVDs

by Faizah Imani

Playing DVDs with your CD-ROM can be as easy as snapping your fingers. Because most modern computers are made with CD-ROM's that also play DVDs, it's likely that minimal effort is required to play DVDs on your computer. However there are a few computers out there that cannot play DVDs using the CD-ROM. No fret. There is still a simple fix that will allow you play DVD's with your CD-ROM in no time.

How To Make A CD-ROM Play DVDs

Determine whether or not your current CD-ROM is DVD-ROM enabled. Typically this should be indicated on the outside of the CD-ROM drive. You can also refer to your computer's user manual.

Insert the DVD that you desire to play into the CD-ROM drive if your computer is already DVD-ROM enabled. The DVD should automatically start playing within a few seconds of inserting the disc into the drive. If the DVD does not start playing, open your media player and click on the "play" button.

Purchase a DVD-ROM drive if your CD-ROM drive is not enabled to play DVDs. You can purchase an internal DVD-ROM drive or an external DVD-ROM drive from your local computer retailer or office supply store.

Connect the external DVD-ROM drive to your computer using the USB cable if you opted to purchase the external DVD-ROM drive. After connecting the external DVD-ROM drive using the USB cable, you can insert the DVD into the external DVD-ROM drive. The DVD should start playing.

Perform installation of the internal DVD-ROM drive if you chose to purchase an internal drive. Upon installing the internal DVD-ROM drive, install the drivers using the disc that came with the internal DVD-ROM drive. After installing the internal DVD-ROM drive and drivers, restart your computer.

Insert DVD into the computer's CD player. The DVD should begin playing within a matter of seconds. If it does not begin playing automatically, it may be necessary to open your media player and manually select the "play" option.


  • close Installing an internal DVD-ROM yourself can possibly void the warranty on your computer. When in doubt, consult a professional to assist with installation.

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