Laptop Vs. Notebook

by Mikhail Polenin

For mobile computing, there are two solutions: a laptop or a notebook. The choice depends greatly on what features you really need and what you can live without. Depending on certain factors, one might be preferable over the other.


Laptops boast the ability to serve as almost complete replacements to desktop PCs without consuming a whole lot of power. On the other hand, notebooks are more focused on maintaining portability and minimal power consumption, extending battery life significantly.


Laptops usually have internal disk drives and powerful competitive integrated graphics, as well as a full keyboard. Without compromising functionality, notebooks try to integrate as much of the basic needs of the average user as possible.

What Makes Notebooks Better?

Despite the fact that notebooks have fewer features packed in than laptops, notebook users often enjoy very long battery life as well as unbeatable portability. Their low profile and light weight often makes it easier to carry them along.

What Makes Laptops Better?

Laptops serve the user with the most conveniences possible. The high amount of internal hardware makes them slightly heavier, but the right laptop can serve as a good substitute for a home desktop PC, which may last you years.

Making Right Choice

Depending on your needs, you will need to make a decision between having a laptop or a notebook. If you can live without a CD/DVD drive and a full keyboard, you can usually get along fine with a notebook. Heavy use of full keyboards and the CD/DVD drive might make you feel more comfortable with a laptop, however.

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