How to Install the LLTD Protocol on Windows XP

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Windows XP and Vista include significantly different networking methods. It is entirely possible to create a network including both types of operating systems and share resources between XP and Vista computers. Installing the Link Layer Topology Discovery protocol on Windows XP makes it a bit easier and lets computers running Windows XP appear on Windows Vista's network map. Installing the LLTD protocol only takes a few moments and doesn't impact Windows XP's networking performance.


Open Internet Explorer and go to the LLTD Responder download page. Internet Explorer is required because you'll need to validate your copy of Windows XP to download the installer.


Click "Continue" on the page that appears. Follow the prompts to validate your copy of Windows XP and start the download.


Run the LLTD Responder setup program once the download completes. Click "Install."


  • check Windows XP Service Pack 3 includes the LLTD protocol.


  • close If you have installed the LLTD protocol on a Windows XP SP2 or earlier machine, chances are that when you upgrade to Service Pack 3 (SP3) will have LLTD installed.

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