How to Hook Up a Samsung LCD TV to a Wireless Network

by TS Jordan

Attaching your Samsung LCD television to your home network will allow you to use your "big screen" to surf the internet, play games, and watch movies from your home computers. Making the connection is not difficult—the procedure will naturally vary slightly depending on the connections available on your specific Samsung model, so have your user manual on hand to determine the necessary method.


Consult your user manual to determine whether your Samsung LCD utilizes a DVI or VGA connection for accepting an input from your PC. If you are missing your user manual, you can look online by going to the Samsung website and looking up the specifications for your particular model.


Purchase the appropriate cable (either a VGA or DVI cable) depending on the type of connection present on your television. Attach one end of the cable to the back of your computer at the point where your monitor would typically attach and the other end of the cable to the VGA or DVI attachment point on the back of your television.


Set the television to accept either a VGA or DVI signal utilizing either the remote control or the on-set "Menu" button. This is typically found under the "Source" menu on the television set or accomplished by pressing the "Input" button on the remote control, but this can vary from model to model so consult your user guide if you do not see these specific buttons/menus.


Reboot the computer to which the television is physically attached to auto-detect the TV as a monitor, completing its connection to your home wireless network. The television should display the startup messages of the computer as it loads into the operating system, as opposed to showing a blank blue screen.

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