The Best High Speed Internet for Gaming

by David Lipscomb

Internet gaming is best when using a high-speed Internet connection. Your gaming computer or console must receive a steady amount of bandwidth to keep up with the speeds and visual effects of games. Although no particular speed is mandatory, your computer connection needs to offer maximum bandwidth to your gaming device.

Cable or DSL?

Cable or DSL services should be equal in terms of capability. Remember that the service package you pay for reflects download speed. Upload speed, where the device sends data to the gaming network, should be at minimum 700 megabits per second. This figure represents the lowest broadband upload speed that most games tolerate without excessive lag. You want your input at the controller or keyboard to be instantly reflected on-screen.


Modern gaming consoles have built-in wireless G cards, with optional external wireless N adapters. This represents an improvement over wireless G, limited to 50 megabits per second. Wireless N doubles this throughput to 100 megabits per second, comparable to a direct wired connection. However, your router or network hub must support this in conjunction with your computer or console.

Network Interference

Nearly as critical to overall Internet speed is the amount of competing devices on your network. The faster your Internet speed, the less this has an impact. However, data-intensive Internet usage, such as streaming a movie online or downloading music, will place a strain on the connection, potentially harming the connection quality of the console or computer. Reduce or remove this competition to optimize the online gaming experience.

Other Smart Tips

For wireless connections, adding a repeater will greatly improve your network connection. Although not physically increasing speed, repeaters minimize external interference and increase reach. This is useful for when the console is further from the router than you would like, or when you can't physically move that device. Also, playing at a different time of day can minimize the amount of competition you face from other service users. Remember that your Internet service provider can get bogged down from heavy overall use. Playing during the day avoids the heaviest usage times during the evening.

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