How to Get Around Nearly Any Web Blocker

by Contributor

There are several ways to get around nearly any web blocker used by your school or employer to censure your Internet surfing. Typically circumventor and CGI proxy servers are used but Internet network administrators are pretty savvy to this method so accessing blocked sites may require a little more work.

Restart your computer. While it is booting up press the F8 key.

Select "Safe Mode."

Access the "Control Panel" and select "User Accounts."

Choose "Create a New Account."

Give the new account a name and click "Next."

Ensure that "Computer Administrator" is selected on the next screen and save your changes.

Restart your computer.

Log in to your computer through the new account you just created.

Go to "Start" and then to "Run."

Type "mscomfig" (do not type the quotation marks) in the pop-up window that appears on the computer screen.

Select the tab labeled "Start Up" in the window that appears.

Click "Disable All."

Restart the computer again.

Log in to your main computer account and you will bypass the blocker and have access to previously restricted Internet sites.


  • close Accessing blocked sites is likely to get you expelled or fired. Your network administrator can usually see who is modifying their machine in this way. Even anonymous proxy servers are not always anonymous to a really skilled administrator, so proceed at your own risk.

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