Definition of Threat Assessment

by Brandi Berry-Fulton

An organization uses threat assessment to identify the types of threats to which it might be exposed.

Threat Assessment

Threat assessment includes coming up with ideas and strategies to address homeland security issues, stalking, and threats.

Where Threat Assessment Is Used

Threat assessment is used commonly in schools, law enforcement agencies, government officials, and private organizations.

Threat Assessment Outcomes

When a threat assessment is complete, the organization should be able to identify warning signs, potential perpetrator profiles, and have preventive measures in place to stop any potential threats to the organization.

The Government and Threat Assessment

Government agencies have played an even more active role in threat assessment since 9/11. The federal government works to protect the country from terrorism attacks, and also provide tools for law enforcement agencies.

Counter Terrorism Training and Resources

Counter-Terrorism Training and Resources for Law Enforcement is a website that is provided by the federal government and is available to law enforcement and the public. The website has resources to help with threat assessments, which have been provided by the federal government, private organizations, and nonprofit organizations.

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