How to Check a Motorola SURFboard Status

by Mike Benson

The Motorola Surfboard cable modem includes a built-in interface made available via its firmware.This interface lets you check the device's status and is useful for troubleshooting situations. It provides potentially beneficial information to allow you or your service provider to resolve a connectivity problem. Access the Surfboard's interface by using the Web browser on your computer.

Launch your Web browser. Click in the address bar and highlight whatever address is displayed there. Press the "Backspace" button to erase it.

Type "" and press "Enter." This opens the Surfboard Configuration Manager.

Click the "Status" tab at the top. This provides all of the status-related information regarding the startup process of your modem. The "Task" column display the process and its status is in the "Status" column. If a problem exists with any of the tasks, the word "Failed" appears on the "Status" column. Contact your provider if one or all of these shows as "Failed."

Click the "Signal" tab. This provides you with the current signal levels of your Surfboard. In some troubleshooting situations, your provider's customer service may ask for these numbers during a support phone call.

Click the "Configuration" tab. This page contains functions used to restart or reset your modem. Click the "Reset all Defaults" button to reset the modem to the factory settings, and press the "Restart Cable Modem" button to restart the modem.

Click the "Logs" tab. This page contains error and information logs pertaining to the status of your modem. In some cases, a modem technician may ask you to provide this information.

Click the "Help" tab. The information at the top of this page discloses all the version information for your modem's software and hardware. This might be used in troubleshooting to see if your modem has failed to accept an update from your provider.

Close your Web browser to close the Surfboard Configuration Manager.

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