How to Check FTP Transfer Rate

by Ryan Menezes

Individual applications that transfer files using FTP may have their own methods for monitoring transfer speed. But for a single method that works across all applications, consider an external bandwidth monitor. Windows no longer tracks bandwidth usage, but several free third-party tools display your upload and download speed. Close other Internet programs besides your FTP transfer tool, and check the bandwidth monitor to determine your transfer rate.

Net Speed Monitor

If your computer uses the 32-bit version of Windows 7, download Net Speed Monitor for Windows. (See Resources.)

If your computer instead uses the 64-bit Windows 7 version, download Net Speed Monitor for Windows (msi, x64). (See Resources.)

Run the installation program. The license agreement will open.

Accept the agreement. Click "Next." Further options will open.

Click "Next." Click "Install." A dialog box will ask whether you want your task bar to display the "NetSpeedMonitor toolbar."

Click "Yes." Another dialog box will open.

Click "Save."

Run your FTP transfer.

Check the transfer rate from the task bar.

Bandwidth Meter

Download the Bandwidth Meter installation program. (See Resources.)

Run the program.

Click "Next" through the options. Choose "Install" when the final step prompts you to.

Run your FTP transfer.

Check the transfer rate from the task bar.

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