Can I Stream Things From My Computer to My TV Using an Airport Express?

by Shala Munroe

The Apple AirPort Express is basically a wireless router designed for Mac users. It can be used alone with your modem or as a booster for another router, such as in an upstairs bedroom where the signal from a basement router may be weak. It allows you the functionality to stream video and audio from your computer to your Internet-enabled TV.


To stream video and audio to your TV, you'll need several pieces of equipment. In addition to the obvious computer, TV and AirPort Express, you'll need a broadband modem and the proper cables to connect the AirPort Express. If your TV is Wi-Fi enabled, you can connect wirelessly to stream to the TV. If not, you'll need to connect the AirPort Express to the TV with an Ethernet cable.

How to Stream

If you can watch streaming video on your computer, you can watch it on your TV through AirPort Express. On your computer, change your display output to a second monitor -- in this case, your TV. Your TV should automatically appear as a monitor choice. If it doesn't, turn your TV off then back on after plugging in your AirPort Express.


In most cases, when you stream a video through the AirPort Express, the audio will stream automatically as well. If you experience a problem with the audio, the AirPort Express offers you an option most routers don't: the ability to plug in a wired audio cable. Connect the cable to the device and to the TV to share audio through the TV's speakers.


The AirPort Express can work in conjunction with Apple TV to stream video to other devices, such as your iPod or iPad. With the AirPlay feature, you can also stream audio from iTunes to your home theater system or any stereo system that allows you to connect an audio-in cable from the AirPort Express. Both the AirPort Express and the Apple TV devices start at $99 as of this writing.

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